Your baby can sleep. I can help you get there.

I’m sure you went into parenthood expecting to be a little tired for a while; but that should end, right? Some “unicorn” babies naturally sleep for longer stretches after a month or two and soon “sleep through the night” (however one wants to interpret that elusive phrase). BUT SOMETIMES THEY DON’T. I’m guessing that yours is not a “unicorn”.  Mine wasn’t either; it’s brutal.

There is hope!!!  Your baby can sleep.

My passion is helping parents and babies get into a groove that works for them.  The truth is that there is no right way to do ANYTHING when it comes to parenting. Every baby and every family is different.  It’s my mission to help parents care for themselves and their babies in exactly the way they want to- hopefully shutting out the noise and the “shoulds” that tend to drown out our instincts. If you feel that your baby is not getting a developmentally appropriate amount of sleep, there are lots of things you can do to help him or her get more rest.

I’ve worked with babies and young children in some capacity for 25 years as a nanny, a baby nurse and a teacher. I earned my Master’s in Education in 2001. I taught kindergarten and third grade until the birth of my daughter in 2010. Being a mom inspired me to become a postpartum doula and I started running support groups for new moms. The two biggest concerns for moms in my groups were universal: breastfeeding and sleep.  I became a Certified Lactation Counselor and later became a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Specialist through the Family Sleep Institute.  Helping families get better sleep in the gentlest, most natural way possible is by far the most satisfying work I’ve ever done.

I work one-on-one with tired families to help them come up with a plan that works with their style and their baby.  After we devise a plan, we keep in touch daily to celebrate what’s working and further tailor the plan to suit the baby’s needs.  My goal is to educate parents about healthy sleep habits as we go so that if and when sleep gets off track, they’ve got the knowledge and skills to get back on track.

If you are ready to get a good night’s sleep, let’s set up a free 15-minute call to get to know each other!

Let’s Get You Some Sleep