The Myth About Breastfeeding and Sleep

There’s this notion out there that there’s a war between breastfeeding and sleep training: an idea that you can have one or the other, but certainly not both. This is simply not true. Once babies are past the newborn period (which I define as 3 or 4 months), and once breastfeeding is well established, all babies are capable of sleeping longer … Read More

Secrets of Sleep Consultants

  We do not have any secret tricks to get babies and kids to sleep. It’s true. There are no magic bullets. I’m not keeping a secret method under lock and key that I only bestow upon those who can afford to hire me. If that were the case, that’d be one really well kept secret! Imagine the threats I’d … Read More

Vacation Sleep Tips

Try to recreate the home environment as much as possible. Replicate the light in the room: if you have blackout shades at home, use black garbage bags and tape to make the room really dark. If you use a nightlight, bring it. If you don’t use a white noise machine at home, start using one! Bring the machine on vacation … Read More

What does a sleep consultant do?

My job is to help parents step back and see what their baby is capable of.  With very few exceptions, babies know how to fall asleep and stay asleep. There are a million ways in which we interfere with this process.  Sleep training is sensitively observing our babies’ and our own behavior and adjusting it to allow babies the space … Read More

In Defense of Early Bedtimes

I know you always recommend an early bedtime.  I’ve heard that 7PM or earlier is optimal for my one year old.  The problem is that I don’t get home from work and daycare pickup until 6 and my husband gets home at 7:30 or 8.  If we put the baby to bed at 7 we’ll hardly see him during the … Read More

One BIG Thing That Can Help Your Newborn Sleep

One BIG thing can help your newborn learn to sleep. BE CURIOUS: What can your baby do today that she couldn’t do yesterday? One of the many things that helps to set the stage for good sleep is curiosity.  We do a LOT of things to help babies settle. We wrap, walk, bounce, pat, shush, chant, sing, dance, bend, wiggle, … Read More