What My Previous Clients Are Saying…


Thank God for Andrea’s help! If ever there was a zombie mommy, I was it!!!! We struggled with both naps and nighttime sleep with our son for 8 1/2 months. I was terrified to start any kind of sleep training but hiring Andrea made all the difference in the world. She made sure we had the correct knowledge, support and guidance to complete the process effectively. Without her help I’m not sure we would have stuck it out. We are so glad we did!  Our son went from only sleeping when someone was holding or nursing him during nap time and waking up every 1.5-2 hours through out the night to (2) solid 1-2 hour naps a day in his crib and at night time we are able to lay him down in his crib without hours of rocking or nursing and he can sleep though the night as well. It’s a huge relief that he is FINALLY getting the right amount of solid sleep that a baby needs and for both my husband and I to get back to a more normal schedule!!

~Jennifer, NYC

Andrea was a lifesaver!! We were all exhausted. Our baby was waking and nursing every 2 hours and taking 30 minute naps. Now he goes down for bed around 6:30pm, and he is up for the day between 6am-6:30am. He is also taking multiple 1-2 hour naps during the day, so we are all feeling much, much better. We can’t thank Andrea enough for her support, advice and encouragement!!

~Angela NYC

I was beyond lucky to find Andrea and to work with her on sleep training my 15.5 month-old son.  I was filled with such mixed emotions, which she helped normalize.  She reassured me that my son would be able to learn to fall asleep and how beneficial it would be for us both. She coached me on the fundamental things I needed to do and provided me with a detailed individualized sleep plan.

By the third night my son was going down in his crib happily with no problems.  He has learned to go back to sleep on his own and sleeps 10-12 hours a night.  He looks forward to going into his crib now.

Sleep training my son changed my life and his! I have gotten my nights back to recharge and take care of myself and my son is getting the essential rest he needs to grow. He gained confidence in himself.

Andrea is truly a Sleep Fairy! She gave me so much support, which I desperately needed as a single parent.  I didn’t feel like I was doing this alone even though I physically was the only one doing it.  The best gift I’ve given my son this far is the gift of sleep, something Andrea kept reminding me of.

~Dee NYC

I never saw myself as a mom who would need to use a sleep consultant to get her baby to sleep. There were many reasons why I believed that my baby would simply figure it out, but as the weeks passed, my baby wasn’t into it. At play groups I would watch babies of a similar age sleep – well, ” like a baby” – and my guy would be awake and active the entire time. For night time sleep, he would fall asleep around ‪7pm and give me a 4 hour stretch, but then would be up every 2 hours. Once we hit 4 months, I wasn’t even getting the initial stretch and was routinely up every 2 hours. Naps were terrible as well. It took an hour of rocking and cuddling to get my baby to sleep for 45 minutes on me. After this torture, I began reading sleep books, but I didn’t feel confident to just “try” it out on my baby. How would I troubleshoot if my baby didn’t do exactly as the book said? I then promptly decided that my kiddo was simply not a sleeper, and that with time he would just do it. Fast forward 2 weeks later, I e-mailed Andrea for help. I realized I needed to sleep. Badly. Andrea was terrific! She gave us great information on babies sleep cycles, age appropriate bedtimes, ideal room conditions and explained different sleep training techniques. Andrea helped us to put a plan into action. To my husband’s and my surprise, it took one night of crying it out to get my baby to sleep fully through the night by ‪the 2nd night (12 hours straight!) We were shocked. Daytime naps fell into place 3-4 days later (averaging 3-4 hours).  Now my baby at 6 months sleeps 11-12 hours a night, take 3-4 hours worth of naps and doesn’t make a peep when you lay him down to sleep. Traveling, time changes and teeth have affected sleep, but we have a solid foundation to go back to if we ever need to stray from the plan. Thank you, Andrea!

~ Jessi NYC

Andrea is amazing! She changed my life and my kids sleep patterns. If you need help, she’s a great resource!!

~Ivy NYC

Hiring Andrea as my sleep consultant was the best decision! My only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner

~Heather, NYC

Andrea is awesome! So helpful, supportive and non judgemental. She sends you an info sheet that you fill out to tell her about your child’s sleep habits, then meets with you to help you set a good schedule for your child & chose a sleep training plan that you are comfortable with. Then she provides follow up support so you can tell her how it went & tweak your plan if you need to. Hiring Andrea was seriously the best decision I made as a mom. She helped identify what was holding my son back from sleeping and helped me feel confident that he could do it. The support was a huge factor for me. I can’t thank Andrea enough.

~Maureen, NYC

Andrea designed our entire sleep strategy for our daughter- and it worked spectacularly. She guided us through the anxious newborn phase, offered us great insight into our baby’s evolving sleep patterns, and ultimately got her to where she is now- napping at regular and consistent times during the day and sleeping 12 hours a night! Throughout the process, she was kind, considerate, optimistic, always willing to share a personal anecdote, and always happy to listen to our (many) concerns. I would recommend Andrea to ANY new parents.

~Robert and Dana, NYC

I have only great things to say about Andrea. My 9-month-old son has been sleeping 11 to 12 hours per night since we hired her when he was about 4 months old. My husband and I can eat dinner together (which we had barely done once since the baby was born!) and I can get some work done in the evening too. So worth it!

~Jessica, NYC